Unified Champion Errol Spence Jr Slated for “B2B” Mandatory defenses, Crawford Fight Remains Outside The Ropes

BY Scottie “The Context” White

I have all the content to lay down a suspenseful intrigue in relation to the preface of this read, a platoon of nicely exploited lines hosting many variables which are leaving the appetite of boxing fans unfed, as the flame simmers down once more in cooking up that tantalizing match-up we all salivate for. Not long ago former unified champion Keith Thurman defended his WBA title twice in a nine-month span and successfully paper clipped the WBC to his mantle during the stint. Thurman married up two worthy championship bouts in facing a pair of names ranked in the welterweight division hierarchy. After defeating Garcia, Thurman became embroiled in an extended hiatus due to injuries, leading him to vacate his WBC title previously earned via a decision victory over Danny Garcia.

Walking In A Traffic Of Disappointment But Steering Fairly Well

So now we dog walk the double yellow lines attempting to figure out why the flow of traffic gassed-by the exit that pictured capital letters depicting W-B-O – World Boxing Organization is bewildering. The tenant to that real estate is current titleholder Terrence “Bud” Crawford who is considerably a P4P king in the sport of boxing. Of course if you’re asking how in Gods name does it correlate to the inception of my narrative up top? Well, I had to briefly drive the emergency lane, pressing the home-keys to the floorboard, seething with frustrated assumptions, aching with anticipated hope that turned out to be a freshly wrapped bouquet of thorn riddle roses. We have summoned Spence jr versus Crawford – So why?

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Epic WBC and IBF Unification Bout FOTY Candiate

Many of us believed the post fight shivoo from Spence jr defeating Porter for the WBC title, then maybe, just maybe the pantheon of boxing gods would serenade us with those verbal blessings during the post fight interview, hearing Spence jr finally call out Crawford. Fitting right? Spence jr entered the ring to call out Porter following his defeat of Garcia for the vacant WBC title, so finally we’re blessed with an epic 12-round thriller resulting in Spence earning his second title as the newly crown unified champion. But hold a dam minute…what is Garcia doing splitting the ropes like he’s about to perform his “Tony Montana” impersonation saying “Hey! You Ready To Give Them A Night To Remember? Or Not?” Anyway the thousands in attendance echoed their disapproving authority with a loud symphony of jeers, basically letting both fighters know the announcement fizzled quickly.

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As dusk brushed shoulders with dawn short of four weeks following Spence jr unification, the headlines have taken flight in the media airwaves broadcasting breaking news that –

“WBC-IBF champion Spence will first make his WBC mandatory defense against WBC No. 1 ranked Silver champion Danny Garcia of the U.S.A., and make his mandatory IBF defense next,” Spence will then have to face his IBF mandatory Kudratillo Abduqaxorov. In other words, Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) will be making back to back mandatory defenses. said the World Boxing Council at their convention on Wednesday.

As-much-as, I denounce finger pointing, especially when its directed at individuals that aren’t solely responsible for the entire venting measure. Reading Errol Spence jr being nailed to that eerie “mandatory” cross, it has irked a lot of boxing purist who felt like framing Spence jr victory as a tuxedo dressed nicely for a prom but the limo never arrived. Asking who’s the blame may leave your heart-rate pounding as if we’re all in the scene with “Jack Nicholson, quoting his famous line, You Want The Truth – “You can’t handle the truth!” —Col. Nathan Jessup, A Few Good Men.”

Hearing the news bends you backward with a exaggerated sigh. For those who may have exercised their right to do so, maybe for this simple splinter of reality. Garcia, though he’s still a household name, was defeated by Porter in a unanimous decision 116-112, 115-113, 115-113. With that said, Spence jr defeated Porter who defeated Garcia 116-111 x 2 Spence jr 115-112 Porter, making the unification official on 28 September. So the question is or if the fans will pocket their disdain to support a fight with a magnitude of predictability. We have seen Garcia boxing to the same beat recently without significant changes but for Spence, the fans witness his sheer boxing clinic in disbursing of four-division champion Mikey Garcia, then battled famously in a two-man elevator with Porter as both fought to stay atop their division but in the end an 11-round knock down sent Porter back to the lobby to await his turn for another title shot.

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If we owned a clicker for each time we heard the banter that insinuated this fight needed a build up. This being – WBC/IBF Spence JR and WBO Crawford. All the clips for these drama filled episode, should be in the final cut headed for a fight night production. Now the welterweight dominion has another unified champion, the final name to check off the quote-on-quote big fight, is Crawford – Spence jr. There is no Manny Pacquaio in this equation, he looked solid on a night where all the prerequisites benefited the elder fighter. Some will say, “Well he’s an eight-division champion!” and I will sustain my integrity in requesting to see him contend with a big name while assigned to VADA testing. One hand you juggle his accolades, then the other hand you’re picking your nose saying “VADA – VADA what is that exactly?” Its not fair to other fighters who are held to the cup and urine, while the golden child are free to train a fight camp with an open ended waiver.

Boxing fans united understands what this fight means for the sport. Not excluding Porter by no means but now Spence jr has sealed his unified birth, now we should be making travel arrangements to attend one of the biggest fights cooking. Boxing is a business first metric for decades but the process of elimination should sometimes appease the fans vice that of the promoters. For example the potential WBC titlist Deontay Wilder clashing with Anthony Joshua for heavyweight supremacy……..then Andy Ruiz crushes that hour glass of glimmer when he knocked down Joshua several times to carry the fight to a seventh-round stoppage. So now, we wait. Fingers intertwined, hoping nothing gully happens in prolonging this fight for another couple of years.