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Tyson Fury – 994 Days Hiatus

Scottie “The Context” White “Fury is his name, boxing is his game” If it was possible, journalist, writers, and reporters covering the media of combat sports would tell you the collage of interviews for each fighter differ tremendously. The launching pad for each fighter has its own unique backstory that somehow drives their caravan in…

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A Fighter and his Dirty Glove Affair

Scottie “The Context” White As boxing fans, sometimes we’re incapable of processing the potentate stature of the sport, anchored firmly in its reputation as if a sequoia forested in the presence of its subordinates. On occasion, I absolutely enjoy the positive light from the boxing annals using it as an illuminated pointer guiding me through…

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Muhammad Ali

Scottie “The Context” White Ali name is reciprocated in the company of anyone who is a mainstreamer or purist in the sport of boxing knowing the stature this name is haloed with the brightest moniker as “The Greatest” or to many the G.O.A.T. His legendary status hosts a ledger of (56-5, 37 KOs), An Olympic…

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