Separates Fury – Joshua is Deontay Wilder. One Has Twice The Heart To Face Him Again.

BY Scottie “The Context” White

(Operation Standout) January 4, 2019. Boxing additions a new year to its decades as the premier combat sport of the world. So, we’re curious enough to ponder, what is the next big fight in the chute to draw in those mega numbers or better yet the fighter who’s reigning atop the hierarchy with a defining fight for greatness.

Heavyweight division italics bold letters to the boxing mainstream as a class with super optics for some incredible fights.  Feb. 22, WBC King Deontay Wilder (42-0 41KOs) flashes his return in a rematch with worthy UK challenger Tyson Fury (29-0 20KOs).  Wilder fresh off a 7-round knockout of Luis Ortiz in December 2019 and Fury just outside three months in a unanimous victory over Otto Wallin.   So, who’s missing?  The name of Anthony Joshua should cowbell the conversation with the top two heavyweights, especially as a two-time unified champion who successfully regain his title from a one-hit 2.0 Andy Ruiz.

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Let’s page a few chapters back to bookmark the year 2018. The media raved a high frequency in reporting about active negotiations betwixt Wilder versus Joshua to finally join a single undisputed champion in the heavyweight division.  At this time, the gold medal Olympian was far out the amateur gate pacing his collective championships IBO, IBF, WBA and lastly the WBO.  

What better time in 2018 to join forces in determining who is the superior champion right here – right now.  A subperb opportunity to converse about these infamous boxing cliff notes.  Shall we? an offer was made of 12.5M and a 15M flat purse stipend from Joshua team detailing if Wilder accepted the offer would prohibit any collateral proceeds from the massive earning potential. The talk ignited a respectable boxing hysteria of these two potentially fighting, but quickly anchored the sails from across the pond in raging waters of deception.  Somehow Joshua crept outside his chain of command to summon a 50M price tag for a bout with Wilder, stapling a verbal covenant “I’ll fight you tomorrow.”  From my understanding the monetary demand was met with minor details of the fight being stateside, instead UK.  Soon after, Joshua would take to social media with “I won’t sell my soul or my belts for 50M.”  Frustrated, and rightfully so, Shelly Finkel and Wilder severed further negotiations citing pretentious deterrents from Joshua team to seal contractual negotiations in making the fight.

Of course, there is much more to feed your craving appetite but we’ll indulge on the boxing appetizers that spoils such a promising heavyweight feast for two.

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The difference betwixt Fury and Joshua – “HEART”.  Fury fights to bed a horrid hiatus full of titles lose, performance enhancing drugs, recreational drugs as he sulked in misery as an honorary Cimmerian for years in a pit of darkness.  Since his return, he’s fought average to sub-par opposition outside of his draw with Wilder 2018.  A high note to his halo, is the fact he’s fought the hardest puncher in boxing twice off the canvas and following his refusal for an immediate rematch, returns Feb. 22, MGM Grand Las Vegas, for the biggest fight of 2020.  What hasn’t changed is his mouthpiece that is tailor made for Wilder who equals the former unified champion machismo. For the third best heavyweight in boxing is Joshua, 99% of his credentialed excursions chartered on the outskirts from the boxing mecca of the United States, total opposite of Fury who is nesting in the U.S. quite frequently.  My word! Don’t be alarmed from the volume of salutes serenading the pilot of Joshua hot air balloon, an ascension he’s relished in as a micromanaged champion rise to fame.   Wilder accepted to fight Joshua ten toes down on his home soil for a light monetary bag.  The sanity of a man to refuse his own request of 50M is preposterous. The sensible recourse was to shut down all negotiations which prompted Eddie Hearn to quote “Wilder doesn’t want the fight, we offered more than he ever made in his boxing career.’ It’s a massive fight, why wouldn’t he want it?”   Granite the hyped 1B – DAZN deal was on the doorstep for Hearn, along with an overly high spirited two-fight Wembley deal for Joshua.  No way would Hearn allows Joshua to earn a weighted price tag of a guaranteed 50M – plus millions more on the eve of his business dealings.  This was a conflict of interest with the inner working table talks to benefit the fledgling streaming agreement with DAZN.   

Anthony Joshua Super Heavyweight bout London Olympics 2012

How did it all start?  Joshua Olympic birth was the London 2012 games correct, so can anyone vouch for the championship fight where Roberto Cammarelle (Italy) being the recipient of a robbery.  It’s not ex parte, for the sprinkles of gazing pupils who supports Joshua – it’s quite ok.  His Olympics was a gifted gold ribbon, a factual adherence like a salt tablet without the chaser.  The same acerbic taste we have witnessed whenever Wilder name is forced fed into a talking points for Joshua to face in a  match-up we’re yearning to see.    Well it’s lucid, as it ever will be, seeing Joshua lose to Ruiz via stoppage and regaining his titles in the Saudi sands baking the extra dough Ruiz was carrying in his bread basket. Without sounding like an unlicensed physician, has anyone other than myself surmised the conclusion of Joshua chronic debilitated muscular organ center chest, plaguing his willingness to fight Wilder.  It may sound factious, but my opinionated reality is on point with his actions. He may suffer from right-hand mortar anxiety, the trauma witnessed through televised media since he refused to cross the line of departure into war.   In the military, if you’re in the war, you fight as such.  For Joshua, his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is clear and present danger awaiting his demise.  Joshua is a part of “Operation Standout” a tactical strategy to stand far outside the lines of fire when the “bronzebomber” artillery is cleared hot.   Now the belts are back in his possession, Joshua has confirmed my narrative in validating his frightful optimism in putting those championship badges on the line versus Wilder.  Recently, Joshua violated his boxing code and social media guidelines, when he volunteered his sparring services to Fury as an enhanced preparation for the rematch Fury has next month.   In true form, he was dragged over the coals of media martial justice for being plain out pitiful to submit a request of such inferior incompetence.

For boxing purist, the plan is obvious for Joshua to bark inside the confines of his UK perimeter, an eagerness for another soldier in formation to lift the WBC strap from Wilder in hope to bless them with that Charles Martin cameo.  At 30 years of age stops for no man and neither does boxing.   If both fighters sustain their championship promise, then a future heavyweight conflict may materialize. But make no mistake about it, call out Joshua for now clout chasing his vicarious energy through others fighters as if he’s the grand-poobah of the division. A unified champion who rebukes Wilder name and physical presence anywhere in proximity but now beholds an oath he would blast Wilder in six-rounds.  

Ruiz Jr put AJ down four times
Ruiz v. Joshua
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Klitschko v. Joshua

Allow my final thoughts to echo September 22, 2018.  

Joshua defeats Povetkin, his post fight interview-

RA – Joshua, who do you want to fight next?

AJ – Let’s ask the question.  I don’t got no mandatories right? There no mandatory challengers? No one is going to spring up? We’ll see about that! Provided there no mandatory challenges.  Who do we want to fight here April 13?  We’re put a poll out on twitter like Eddie once welcomed. Because like I said earlier, there always complications with negotiations fair dues. But the sport is always what the fans want, sometimes we have to face our mandatories, which I did tonight.  And now that’s out the way, we’ll put a poll up to the audience and see what they want April 13 because its you guys who make the sport.

RA- A lot of people was hoping it would have been Deontay Wilder in the ring tonight.  Can you shed any light as to why that fight didn’t happen on your side?

AJ- We both did a lot of talking, listen, look I’m not playing the blame game it was me, it was him – tit for tat.  We both did a lot of talking, and I’m here now. Good fight, I got my knockout streak back, I found my right hand, it went missing for a little while, I found it and it lining up for April 13th.

RA-You talk about the pressure in the buildup, a lot of pressure you put on yourself. Were you under pressure to put on that type of performance tonight?

AJ- Let me get some water please. (glowering) Yea it’s a lot of pressure, I’m not going to lie to you guys.  The whole country rooting for us man, not only me David Price, Luke Campbell, who else is on the undercard. Yea the whole country is rooting for boxing. You know I’m a heavyweight, I’m a world champion they get behind us, if it was just about me, I’ll just come in there and have fun. The energy in here spurs you on, not gonna lie.

RA- How hurt were you in that first round. You are showing you are learning. A few years earlier you may have not won that fight tonight.

AJ- Yea a few years ago I may have not won that fight. That’s credit to my coaching staff, nutritionist, management team, people who help me in camp, and security. Just trying to make my life easier.  It’s about developing, you know. Sugar Ray Robinson lost.  Just to show you how tough this fight is. How tough this game is, I’m in it to win it, in it to learn.  Look, like I said, enough about talking about my development.  Like I said April 13, is what I’m really interested in here in Wembley stadium.

RA- Who do you think win out of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

AJ- I concentrate on myself to be honest, but good luck to both – I wish them well.  And may the champion bring himself to the UK and let’s have a good dust-up.

RA- Can you improve, can you be better.

AJ- 100%. Top of the challenge, the harder the performance. The more you learn. Like I said to you earlier, 10-12 weeks earlier this is chapter two and I meant it.  I’m on a different level now and I must find my feet again.

RA- If you are a betting man, know you are but if you have one name you will face here on April 13, who will it be?

AJ- Anyone, you know I don’t want to talk no more about it – know what I mean. There no contract signed at the minute. My number one will be Wilder……and that’s it, let me not talk about number 2, number 3.  Wilder that’s it yea.

Give it up to the announcer for shifting solid questions but voice to mic pitches from Joshua fosters uncertainty. If a fighter of his status over a year ago bumbles the liability to that of a hometown audience to select an opponent, then we may never see a committed Joshua step into a suit of courage to challenge Wilder while both are crown holders. Only time will tell as Wilder defends against Fury next month and Joshua may or may not face his mandatory on a future boxing calendar. It’s a hard sale to say Joshua keeps his chaining titles for an undisputed showdown. WCS.

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