UFC Desperate For A Mega Star, Fans Awe As McGregor Shoulder Bumps A Battle-Ridden Cerrone. “Third” Straight Lose.

BY Scottie “The Context” White

Las Vegas, T-Mobile Arena, Jan 18, 2020. There was a return sighting at UFC 246, a two-division former champion who rocketed to the highest pinnacle of championship stardom. “Notorious” Conor McGregor (21-4) would face-off in a headlining showcase versus a highly praised, tough, rowdy UFC veteran Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (36-13).


McGregor stint in the UFC on the high points witnessed a legendary run by the Irish cage fighter and bonafide star hailing out Crumlin Dublin. We can agree McGregor clean upbringing from a two-parent household lead him to stick with local sports during his growth as a teenager. An unmention nugget to many combat sports fans of McGregor, his inception to boxing was age 12 out of Crumling Boxing Club. His family would relocate to Lucan, Dublin where McGregor tools of the trade worked as a plumber apprenticeship, then he would cross paths with UFC competitor Tom Egan as the pair threaded a training bond in mix martial arts.

Embroiled Irish MMA Star Returns to UFC 246

For Cerrone, a Denver Colorado native who was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder prompting growing pains of youthful scrummages with local kids. Cerrone was a wild hair as he comb through his early years, parents divorcing and soon roping in the wild adventure as a professional bull rider. Residing with his grandparents, Cerrone kick-started a life of martial arts which later threaded interest to train mix martial arts.

Spinning the combat reel to the present, both fighters are highly recognized super stars who have punched and kicked themselves through traffic on a crowded highway of combat sports. A telephonic backstory rooted from two different global launching pads. A couple of dedicated titans who competed in a plethora of neighboring organizations as both constructed a stairway from the regional levels, up to the mix martial arts nimbus recognized as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Oh what a ride its been. Experience levels may distort the visual perception from the accumulative loses on the shoulders of their MMA records. McGregor has framed a short list of four loses to his ledger, as Cerrone 40-second lose this past weekend has jenga a 14th level on his wavering tower of defeats.


Panting through a disappointing undercard, the main event ticked the ring walk of Cerrone who was first to the cage dawning his true cowboy swagadocious attire and then the entrance of McGregor smiling to the roar of cheering fans who witnessed the former two-division champion swathe in the hues of his Irish flag. Big difference from his previous promotional lead up, this fight was calmer waters than the white cap obscenities that flooded the presser when McGregor challenged lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.


On this night, surely we were anxious for the benediction of the fighters introduction but no disrespect to Bruce Buffer immensely climatic ground shaking “It’s Time!!!!” and indeed the first second ushered in the official start to a five-round headliner. McGregor rushes in with a thrusting left hand as Cerrone ducks under. McGregor knee grazes the forehead of Cerrone as the first clinch locks up the fighters. McGregor uses his momentum for shoulder bumps to the chin of Cerrone, two solid strikes inflicting early swelling mere seconds into the fight. They separate as Cerrone looks stun as he back steps to the cage nearly evading a flying knee from an energize McGregor. Cerrone pops a right high kick partially block by McGregor who immediately counters with a left high kick of his own assaulting the jawline of Cerrone. He’s hurt, as McGregor pounces on Cerrone with punches forcing referee Herb Dean to halt the mugging for an official 40 second TKO win.


What does this mean for McGregor? Certainly it renews his place in the green column of a much needed win but was it as sensational as social media are raving about? No way am I cosigning this compulsive behavior in haste, it’s an extreme sense of urgency to chauffeur this star back into the lime light once again. Cerrone last (3) fights of a projected 65 minutes total action rendered a bizmal cubicle restraint of 9 minutes 58 seconds of cage life, all ending by way of stoppages. This wasn’t a thriller, an epic rise back to fame or an undefeated champion with an unblemished record. Cerrone is a battle-ridden warrior, some he win, many he’s loses but he isn’t short of a adrenaline connoisseur along with many fighters of this profession whom are x-men in the eyes of fight fans.

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Justin Gaethje First Round Finish Of Donald Cerrone

Outside of the cage for McGregor, is an open scab of juvenility as he’s scoffed at authority as to say he’s larger than life. For those who appeared closely to the anti dramatic presser, one reporter buoyed the question about Conor alleged sexual assault allegations which immediately inflamed the outburst from onlookers. An amazing rescue from desensitive individuals who would seek the most prominent attorney of the land if they were the co-defendants. What does it mean or where does it stand in the distorted morality of those MMA fans who were so snappy to join in on the torch lit jeers of disapproval. Definitely its OK to forgive without lassoing a (but) on the end for wrangling talking points once this individual f-up again. For me, it’s to soon to jettison a clean slate of pushing a referee in Bellator, denigrating Khabib family/religion, smashing a fan mobile phone, punching the face of an elder in a local pub, and most memorable launching a metal dolly at a bus of his compeers injuring several.

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What I will affirm is that certain fighters, especially neighboring fighters are bending the moral compass in clear sight and somehow intelligent people keep their brain in park identifying the severity of his actions to his pay scale. Villains in combat sports is an acceptable attrition when the performance value brings the fans to the yard, but every now and then the rebel goes rogue against the grain, leading to an SOS disaster recovery, then the villain returns as a newly anointed good guy. It happens easily than you think. Daniel Comier earned his crowns in two divisions as he was exalted by fans while Jon Jones was inactive due to suspension. Once he returned; those cheers reverted back to Jones the villain, as they booed DC as collateral damage. What can you say, until McGregor signs on to face another adversary, it may be smart to put the sanctified savior of the UFC on hold. Surely, the next opponent not named Cerrone, won’t be as cordial to McGregor once the ink dries. If McGregor need validated redemption, then change levels and sprawl back to the lightweight dominion for retribution. Maybe Conor should honor his words and beg Khabib for a second title shot or maybe he isn’t ready for the wrath from the ruthless Sambo assassin.

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